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If this is your first step in discovering the wonder and power of Feng Shui you’ll be amazed at how much the Feng Shui store has to offer. Feng Shui Practitioners, Masters, consultants, and enthusiasts, from every corner of the world, love to visit our store to purchase their Feng Shui enhancers and cures and much more.

We offer free specialist help, advice, tips, school, Feng Shui 2018 software, news, consultation, shop, society, foundation, newsletter, and consultant choice especially with regards to the 2018 year of the Yang Earth Dog.

We are constantly updating this Feng Shui Store website with endless, free information regarding Feng Shui and other related subjects. You can view articles like our Online free Tong Shu Almanac and so much more by clicking on this link. You can also join us on our busy Facebook page with almost 47,000 members.

Our resident Feng Shui Master, teacher, author, mentor and researcher Michael Hanna, is one of the most sought-after Master’s in Europe and around the globe and has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform their lives for the better.